Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu of the Week

Yummy sides & salads:
- French carrot salad
- Beet and quinoa tabouli

Fish & other things:
- Fish (trout? salmon?) fillets w/vegetable ribbons en papillote
- Fennel and green pea soup w/wasabi-flavored whipped cream and sautéed shrimp
- Harvest roast chicken w/grapes, olives, and rosemary

Sweet little treats:
- Chocolate crepes

I'm thinking this will be a delicious, flavor filled week.

Let's cook this!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let them eat...muffins!

Did I get you?  Admit it you are totally sucked into the goodness that is the Banana Chocolate Hazelnut muffin shown above.  As well you should be!  It was (and for the remaining 14, will be) absolutely delicious.  As I mentioned in prior posts, I am dating a lovely, gluten averse man.  This muffin was attempt #2 at using alternative flours.  Gluten free challenge accepted!

I had 3 creepy brown bananas that were just screaming to be squished up and combined with buckwheat, hazelnut and quinoa flours as well as yummy chunks of Ghirardelli dark chocolate.  So, I filled my condo with the smell of baking muffins and prayed for success. 

These can easily be frozen and reheated for a delicious treat whenever the mood strikes.  If Adam is a lucky man, I may save a few frozen muffins for him to taste test.  I'm sure he'll agree...prayer answered.  SUCCESS!!!

Let's cook this!

Friday, February 1, 2013


No cooking this week. This week is filled with chicken soup, eucalyptus oil steams and lots of liquids. I am out sick and nothing seems to taste good. Nor do I have the energy to make a splendid meal.

Perhaps next week?

Be well everyone!